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    Purpose and Goals

    The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the quality of education of the students of Washington County School District by providing the resources necessary through private funding that are not provided through the traditional sources.

    The students we serve are the future leaders of our communities, our state and our country. They may be our doctor, our lawyer, our home builder or our grocery store manager. What ever their dream is, we can help them accomplish it. If our students are given a more enriched education and are learning stronger skills, they will help our country to remain strong. We invite you to help us with this effort. Your donation to any of our programs will assist us in helping our students and teachers.

    Current Events

    Dixie Power Kite Festival

    INCREASING COMMUNITY & BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS AND SUPPORTING STUDENTS is a major goal of the Foundation. The Dixie Power Kite Festival is recognized as one of our most valued partnerships. Much of the funding we receive from the proceeds of this Festival comes through our incredible sponsors each year. Their support and financial donation is so much needed and appreciated. Many of our principals comment on how much support we are able to receive from our supporters of education. Dixie Power has over the years, given back over $400,000 for our elementary school literacy programs. As you can see from the listed businesses below we have awesome supporters of our students!

    The Kite Festival provides an excellent opportunity to encourage our students to read and to involve children and their families in a great family outing at the Kite Festival. Through a student’s participation in the reading program, he or she is awarded a top quality nylon kite, a reading book or a $10 voucher for bounce house rides at the Festival. Elementary schools are given an opportunity for their own school to win additional dollars through reading and participation at the Kite Festival.

    The Foundation is thrilled this year to announce that the Dixie Power Kite Festival will be held Saturday, April 23, 2016 at Dixie State University. We are celebrating our 18th year and we are excited to announce the new location. Hours for the festival are 10:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

    We thank Dixie State University for their willingness to allow us to have the Festival on their beautiful campus and for all of the additional help they will provide to help make it a perfect day. We do hope you will come fly kites with us on Saturday April 23, 2016 at Dixie State University. Thank you once again to Dixie Power for this incredible partnership.





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